7 Different Ways To Use Your Protein Powder

Protein is a macronutrient that is important for everyone, regardless of whether they are sedentary or active. Proteins are in charge of cell growth and maintenance, provide energy, and are crucial for helping our immune system’s defence against infections.

Protein is also responsible for muscle growth and repair, especially after exercise. If you’re an active person, it can be surprisingly difficult to meet your daily protein needs.

That’s where Roam Protein powder comes in handy. Offering a substantial protein dose (over 20 grams per serve) and low in unwanted carbs and fats, it’s a great fit to help you achieve various health goals:

- Gain lean muscle
- Aid muscle recovery after working out
- Lose weight
- Increase overall protein intake.

If you want to learn more about protein and protein powders, check out our Protein 101 Guide: All You Need to Know.

Roam Protein Powder is an excellent addition to any pantry. It’s versatile: add it to recipes to improve their nutritional value, and don’t compromise on good taste.

Below we’ve explored some ways that you can incorporate Roam Protein Powder into your diet, complete with recipe ideas.

Roam Vanilla Protein and Strawberry Smoothie

1.     A Protein Shake

Let’s start with the simplest first. A protein shake is easy to prepare – just add water or your choice of milk, your protein powder, and shake! Roam Protein tastes great with water or milk, and our stainless steel insulated shaker will keep your favourite shake colder for longer.

2.     Protein Smoothies or Smoothie Bowls

If you’re looking for endless ideas to use protein powder, smoothies are for you! You can add fresh or frozen fruit, vegetables, Energy Nut Butter – whatever you like! All you need is a blender and your favourite ingredients.

Smoothies are great as a light but filling breakfast, an afternoon snack, or even post-workout. A great way to recover after a hard session is to mix protein powder with a banana into a smoothie with a pinch of salt: the protein will help with muscle protein synthesis, the carbohydrate in the banana will replenish muscle glycogen stores, and the salt will replace lost electrolytes from sweating.

Prefer a smoothie that tastes more like ice cream? Just use
less liquid when blending for a thicker consistency.

Here are some of our favourite smoothie recipes:

Roam Vanilla Protein and Golden Apricot Protein Balls

3.    Protein Porridge (Oats)

Mixing protein into your porridge is a simple hack to add more protein to your diet. It will keep you feeling fuller for longer. Oats have some protein, but if you’re looking to keep full and meet your daily protein intake, you really want to try to hit 30+ grams of protein in your main meals. A half cup of rolled oats (dry) and 1 serving of Roam Protein will get you there, no problem.

4.     Protein Balls

Your regular store-bought bliss balls are often high in sugar, using ingredients like date syrup and honey. While delicious, they could provide more nutritional value! Enter protein balls – relatively quick to make (especially if you have a food processor or blender), you can keep these in the fridge for when hunger strikes, or pack them as a healthy snack at the office.

Try our Golden Apricot Protein Gems recipe.

Roam High Protein Banana Bread Loaf

5.    Cakes and Slices

No, we are not here to convince you to give up cake. But, we are here to convince you that you can add protein powder to your baking, with little overall effect on the taste and texture. Squeeze in that extra bit of protein, and you’ll have a party favourite.

6.    Nice Cream

Replace high-sugar ingredients with whole food and nutritionally balanced alternatives like frozen bananas. You can make ice cream with or without an ice-cream machine. Blitz frozen banana or frozen mango with some coconut milk, protein powder, and any other additional ingredients you'd like in your n-ice cream, freeze and enjoy!

Roam Protein Pancakes with Banana

7.    Pancakes

Nothing makes your morning feel special like pancakes. There are some simple tricks to make those pancakes more healthy and balanced in macronutrients. You can sub out flour completely for protein powder and oat bran, for example.

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