We are Raeana and Andrius, the Founders of Roam.

Roam makes real food for endurance.

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, we created Roam’s Energy Nut Butter with endurance activities in mind. It’s best for long training sessions, low-to-moderate intensity exercise, or as a satisfying snack on the move.

Roam Energy Nut Butter is made from the finest ingredients. We deliberately chose to keep the overall sugar content low. It’s satisfying and tastes great, but you won’t get the same rush and insulin spike as with energy gels.

No adventure is too big or too small for Roam. Our Energy Nut Butter is easy to stash in your shorts pocket or pack. We like to push boundaries, and will continue to experiment with new ingredients to create different and exciting products for the modern explorer.

- R + A