Our Story

Kia ora
We’re Raeana and Andrius, the founders of Roam. The Roam story started in Italy in 2009 where Raeana discovered the mountains and also realised how much she missed the peanut butter from her native New Zealand. When she got home she bought a nut grinding mill and
started making her own.

She experimented in the kitchen with different types of nuts and roasts and settled on almonds for their superior taste and texture. Raeana’s creations needed to be tasted and tested and her partner Andrius volunteered.

Andrius is a sports medicine doctor, exercise physiologist and sports scientist. He also happens to be a world-class trail runner with The North Face AU/NZ team and he has first-hand experience of fuelling for races, training and recovery. Together they perfected the recipe and created Roam.

Our philosophy is that curiosity leads to adventure. We hope that wherever you roam, you take Roam with you.

"Our goal is simple. We want to provide real food options for everyday adventurers. As trail runners and outdoor lovers, we wanted a pocket-sized fuel that was tasty, nutritious, and without any unnecessary sugar or other bad stuff. Something you can savour, whether that’s on a mountain top, on the go, or after a workout."