Our story begins back when Raeana spent the summer living out of her tiny Toyota, exploring the South Island’s most beautiful trails.  After weeks in the mountains, she was seriously tired of sickly sweet bars and gels!  There just had to be a better way to sustain herself during long days on the trail…

Upon returning home, Raeana bought her own nut grinding mill and got to work in the kitchen.

Her food-fanatic partner Andrius happily volunteered as a taste-tester.  After many batches of nut butters, together they landed on the ultimate combo of roasted almonds and cashews, blended into the tastiest nut butter imaginable - Roam Energy Nut Butter. 

Not only was the nut butter delicious, but it provided the body with sustained energy without any added sugar.  How was this even possible?!   

No one could be more qualified to answer this question than Andrius. As a competitive athlete with a PhD in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition, his expertise applies sensible science to Roam products

Whether you're an athlete or just looking for a healthy and delicious snack, Roam's natural nutrition products are the perfect choice. Try them today and taste the difference for yourself! 

Our mission is to provide natural nutrition to support active lifestyles.

We do:

NATURAL. We use real ingredients. No artificial flavours or fillers.

TASTY. Truly yummy products that keep you coming back for more.

ADVENTURE. From mountain peaks to urban streets, Roam is the best on-the-go food option.

SENSIBLE SCIENCE. Practical exercise nutrition supported by evidence.

Dr.Andrius Ramonas| Sports Medicine| Roam AU

Meet Andrius

Dr Andrius Ramonas is a Sports Medicine Doctor.

He also holds a PhD in Exercise Physiology and Sports Nutrition from AUT University in New Zealand and a Masters degree from the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom.

Andrius' PhD thesis looked at nutrition manipulation strategies for endurance athletes. 

Outside of sports medicine and sports science, Andrius is an enthusiastic trail runner, who has competed in multiple long and ultra distance events across Australasia and Europe. He runs for The North Face Australia New Zealand team. 

Raeana Connell| Founder| Roam NZ| AU

Meet Raeana

Raeana Connell has a degree in finance and arts and has worked for some large New Zealand companies.  But one summer spent exploring Fiordland’s wilderness changed her life forever.  A few years later she gave up the corporate world - and started Roam as a way to live her values more fully.  

When she’s not adventuring, there’s nothing she loves more than hearing inspiring stories from Roam customers.

Meet Taika

Taika is a lovable bordoodle with an adorable tendency to misjudge long-distance jumps.  While she may not have any formal education, she is a fast learner and quick on her paws under pressure.

Taika has stoically accepted that the wildest places are often off-limits to her kind.  So if Andrius and Raeana are hitting the trails, you know who will answer the Roam phone!

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