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Explore a variety of workouts tailored to different sports, from rowing and cycling to running. Learn about strength and conditioning with our series of posts, starting with a simple body-weight exercise routine and progressing to more advanced kettlebell workouts.

  • Nutrition Reminders

    How to set them on your Garmin or Wahoo Bike CPU

  • Heart Anatomy Athletes Heart Stroke Volume

    The Athlete's Heart

    How Training Transforms Your Ticker

  • Ultra Trail Australia Stairs | Roam | NZ AU

    Ascend to Great Heights

    Conquering the stairs at Ultra Trail Australia

  • Exercising in the Heat | Roam | NZ AU

    Exercise and Heat

    Win the battle against the summer heat

  • Rowing Technique Tips | Roam | NZ AU

    Rowing Technique

    Tips from Kate

  • Rowing Erg Pyramid Workout Roam NZ AU

    Rowing Erg Workout

    Try this pyramid rowing workout to improve endurance

  • A Skip Running Drill Roam NZ AU

    A-Skip Running Drill

    Improve your running form with this drill progression

  • Cycling Strength Workout Roam NZ AU

    Cycling workout

    Improve uphill cycling strength

  • Kettlebell Exercises Part Two Roam NZ AU

    Strength and Conditioning 004

    Kettlebells Part 2

  • Kettlebell Exercises Part One Roam NZ AU

    Strength and Conditioning 003

    Kettlebells Part 1

  • Hip Exercises Roam NZ AU

    Strength & Conditioning 002

    Hip exercise routine

  • Quick Body Weight Exercise Routine Roam NZ AU

    Strength & Conditioning 001

    Body-weight exercise routine

  • Uphill Interval Running Workout Roam NZ AU

    Running workout

    1-min uphill intervals