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Running workout: 1-min uphill intervals

10 x 1-min uphill intervals @harder effort

1-min uphill interval workout Roam NZ

One of the most valuable abilities for trail runners is to maintain good running technique and intensity during uphill segments.

Uphill intervals are the way to go if you want to improve your running technique and fitness for getting up hills fast!

Give our 1-min uphill interval workout a go!

Workout structure

Start at an easy and comfortable intensity for 10-20 minutes.

Stop for a moment to stretch and activate major muscle groups (hamstrings, calf muscles, lower back). You can add-on some simple running drills, e.g., high knees drill, butt-kickers drill, skipping, short 50 metre strides.

Find an uphill segment with moderate or steep incline. Avoid overly technical trails with big unstable rocks.

Complete 8-10 x 1-min intervals (hard intensity, at 85-95% capacity). Take 10s to catch your breath and slowly jog downhill to where you started. Recover for 30s at the bottom and repeat.

Easy jog for 10 minutes

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