Strength & Conditioning: 001

Andrius, our co-founder and Coach at the RunArt has put together a short exercise routine that's a perfect add-on to a weekday workout. Check out for more information. 

Focused bodyweight exercise routines are a great addition to easy training or recovery days. Even 10 minutes of exercises can make your body stronger, improve your posture, and prevent injuries

Some advice before you start:

Complete 2 or 3 sets of each exercise and be mindful of maintaining correct technique. It's better to slow down each movement and engage the right muscles, rather than racing through the set and risk compromising your form. 

Disclaimer: This exercise routine is not designed as an injury rehab routine, but rather a supplementary session to improve muscle strength and coordination. You should not experience any discomfort or pain doing these exercises. Please avoid doing them if you are currently injured or unwell. Prioritise correct exercise technique over speed.

Athlete performing dynamic plank as part of a strength and conditioning workout

Dynamic Plank

Start from a static plank position and make sure your core is tight before progressing to a dynamic version of the exercise. Alternate between lifting your hands and feet, while trying to your keep core as stable as possible.

Complete 2-3 sets and as many repetitions as you can using a good form.

Athlete performing hip to lunge as part of a strength and conditioning workout

Hip Drive to Lunge

Start from flexing your hip, gaining some momentum from a strong arm swing. Then, step back into lunge position. Make sure to keep your core stable and refrain from swaying from side to side. Keep your body straight.

Complete 2-3 sets, 8-10 repetition (each side) 

Athlete performing hip rotations as part of a strength and conditioning workout

Hip rotations

Start from touching the ground with your hands and keeping your knees bent. Rotate to one side by extending your leg and pointing your toes to straight to the side. Try to keep your core tight, as this will help to control the movement and prevent over-rotation.

Complete 2-3 sets, 6-8 rotations (each side)

Athlete performing high knees and burpee as part of a strength and conditioning workout

High knees + Burpee

Start from running (higher knees) in one spot for ~4-5 seconds. Focus on being light on your feet and keeping your core tight. Then complete one burpee and start over again. Each set comprises of 5-6 cycles of high knees and one burpee.

Complete 2-3 sets

Athlete performing lunge with rotation as part of a strength and conditioning workout

Lunge with Rotation

Lunge forwards with your arms extended out. Tighten your core and rotate 90 degrees (or as much as your spine allows) to both sides. Repeat on the other side. Slow down if you lose balance while rotating.

Complete 2-3 sets, 6-8 lunges per set 

Athlete performing bear walk with straight legs as part of a strength and conditioning workout

Bear Walk (straight legs)

Keeping your legs straight walk with your hands and feet forwards and backwards. This is a slower pace exercise. Taking it slow will help to maintain good exercise form. Try to keep your core muscles as tight as you can while moving.

Complete 2-3 sets, each set until muscles get tired

Athlete performing double leg hop as part of a strength and conditioning workout

Double Leg Hop (from side-to-side)

Jump with your both feet from one side to other side approximately one metre apart. Be mindful of keeping both feet together when you jump and when you land. Move to a mini-squat position before each jump and a strong arm swing while jumping to gain momentum.

Complete 2-3 sets,  8-10 jumps