Activation Running Drills with Videos

Roam co-founder, Dr Andrius Ramonas, has put together a set of activation running drills. These drills are designed to improve coordination of key muscle groups that are important for good running technique. They will also help to strengthen your ankles, feet, and hip flexors.

Integrate these drills into your training. The best time is after an easy training run, when your body is warm. Practicing drills at least 2 times per week is a good aim. Start off with the Stage 1 Activation Drills for a couple of sessions, and then move on to the Stage 2 Activation Drills.

After mastering these drills (this could take a few weeks), you can progress to the Dynamic Running Drills.

Remember: performing drills when you haven't warmed up properly could result in injury. Don't take the chance!

Activation Drills: Stage I

Activation Running Drills Stage 1 Roam NZ Australia

List of the Drills

Activation Stage I (above)

  • Forward Skip: 4 x 20m, walk back recovery
  • Side Hops: 3 x 12 reps
  • Leg Cycles: 2 x 12 reps both sides
  • Marching: 2 x 20m, then 1-2 x 20m with arms overhead
  • Squat Jump: 3 x 5 to 8 reps (in one spot or with jogging).

Activation Stage II (below)

  • Side Skip: 4 x 20m
  • Zig-zag Forward Hop: 3-4 x 10-15 reps
  • High Knee Switch: 3 x 5-8 reps
  • A-walk: 3 x 20m, walk-back recovery
  • B-walk: 2-3 x 20m, walk-back recovery
  • Backward Skip: 3-4 x 20m

Activation Drills: Stage II

Activation Running Drills Stage 2 Roam NZ Australia