Coffee With Andrius Series

Join our co-founder, Andrius, as he talks about a range of nutrition and sports-related topics over a cup of his favourite beverage - coffee!

Andrius Ramonas is a Sports Medicine Doctor, and holds a PhD in Exercise Physiology and Sports Nutrition from AUT University in Auckland, New Zealand. His thesis looked at nutrition manipulation strategies for endurance athletes.

Outside of sports medicine and sports science, Andrius is an enthusiastic trail runner, who has competed in multiple long and ultra distance events across Australasia. He competes at a high level, and has placed 1st in Ultra Trail Australia 50K, 5th at Tarawera Ultra 100K, 1st at Motatapu 50K. He runs for The North Face Australia New Zealand team. 

Andrius' favourite Roam Protein is Vanilla, and his preferred Energy Nut Butter is Espresso (surprise!).

  • Managing Muscle Cramps | Roam | AU NZ

    Episode Six

    Muscle Cramps

  • Coffee With Andrius What I ate During a 100K Run Roam NZ AU

    Episode Five

    What I ate during a 100K trail run

  • How Much Protein Do I Need and How Often? Roam NZ AU

    Episode Four

    Protein: How much and when?

  • Coffee Andrius Roam Protein Introduction NZ AU

    Episode Three

    An Introduction to Protein

  • Gastrointestinal Issues Gut Training Roam AU NZ

    Episode Two

    Gastro-intestinal issues and gut training

  • Coffee Andrius Muscle Glycogen Roam NZ AU

    Episode One

    What is muscle glycogen and why is it important?