Coffee with Andrius: Episode Three

An Introduction to Protein

This episode is the first of a series of videos concentrating on the importance of protein in our diet. Have a watch or read the video transcript below!

Coffee beans
Coffee beans

It’s easy to think about protein as one of the three macronutrients that people associate with muscle repair and growth. But protein supports many different functions in your body that you may not know about. For example, hormones – like insulin, oestrogen, testosterone. Enzymes accelerate many chemical reactions in the body. And antibodies, which fight infections, are also proteins.

Female athlete with hat holds packet of Roam Protein outdoors

We need to consume protein in our diet to support these functions. Given that most of our daily energy expenditure is spent on maintaining and replenishing cells in our bodies, it’s not hard to see that protein has a critical role beyond just maintaining, repairing, and/or building muscle – regardless of your age or level of physical activity.

Protein is important at all stages of life. In our early years, protein is important for our growth and brain development.

In our 20s to 40s, sufficient protein intake helps to maintain stable energy levels and healthy weight.

And later, when we are in our 40s and older, appropriate protein intake, coupled with regular resistance exercise could offset age-related decline in muscle function and mass, and the delay the development of process called sarcopenia.

Inadequate protein intake in the diet is more common than you think.
Protein Intake Calculator Austraila New Zealand

For example, endurance athletes as runners as cyclists often focus on carbohydrate intake and forget about meeting their protein needs. Or for people who may be trying to lose weight by changing their eating habits. The result of that is impaired and slow post-workout recovery, difficulties at maintaining muscle mass and strength for athletes, and feeling of dissatisfaction or hunger if you’re dieting.

So where to start? If you’re wanting to support your health, it’s a good idea to include a high-quality protein source with your breakfast, which will also improve your satiety until lunch time. Some ideas: a smoothie made with Roam Energy Nut Butter, a serve of protein powder, ¼ cup egg whites (Zeagold), berries, and some water. This will provide over 30 grams of protein.

In future episodes, I’ll be talking more technical details about protein: how much protein you need, different sources and quality of protein, amino acids, and muscle protein synthesis, and the importance of protein for your immune system. Sign up to our newsletter (see the footer bar on our webpage to subscribe) to stay up to date!  

Andrius' high protein smoothie recipe


1 packet Roam Energy Nut Butter

1 serve of protein powder

1/4 cup egg whites (you can buy handy pouches of egg whites from Zeagold - you can find it in the refrigerated section in your local supermarket)

1 handful frozen blueberries

Water or almond milk

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon powderpinch of sea salt


Dump all ingredients unceremoniously into a blender. Blitz, pour, enjoy :) 

Image from Dall-E.