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How To Keep Your Protein Shaker Fresh and Odour-Free

No more smelly protein shakers!

If you regularly uses a protein shaker, you’re likely all too familiar with the challenge of keeping it free from that persistent, unpleasant odour. It’s a small but nagging issue that we've all faced, but luckily, it’s one that can be easily remedied with the right care and a good quality protein shaker.

Why Do Protein Shakers Smell?

If your protein shaker is starting to smell, it's likely due to bacteria metabolising the leftover shake mix. If you don't wash out your shaker soon after using it, the damp inside, which stays warm from the shake, becomes a perfect place for bacteria to multiply. As they feed on the protein leftovers, they create smelly waste products.

Also, the type of shaker you have matters. Some materials, like certain plastics, can hang onto smells even after you wash them, which makes it tougher to get rid of that stink.

How To Clean A Smelly Protein Shaker

Best Practice: Clean and Dry Immediately

The golden rule for maintaining a fresh-smelling protein shaker is simple – clean and dry it immediately after use.

This prevents protein residues from sticking and bacteria from multiplying. A thorough rinse, followed by a scrub with dish soap and warm water, can work wonders.

And don't forget, drying is just as crucial as cleaning to prevent moisture from encouraging bacterial growth.

What If I Can't Clean My Shaker Straight Away?

Sometimes immediate cleaning isn’t feasible. If you’re on the go, here are some quick interim steps:

  • A quick rinse with water can help minimise residue build-up.
  • Sprinkle a teaspoon of baking soda inside and fill it with water. This can help neutralise odours temporarily until you can do a proper clean.

Effective Cleaning Methods for Your Shaker

To tackle tougher smells, consider these cleaning methods:

Vinegar Soak: Mix hot water with a splash of white vinegar and let your shaker soak. Vinegar is excellent for killing bacteria and neutralising odours.

Detergent Wash: Soak your shaker in hot water with some dish detergent for at least 10 minutes. This helps break down fats and proteins.

Baking Soda Solution: A baking soda paste can be used to scrub the inside of the shaker, effectively removing residues and neutralising smells.

Challenges with Plastic Shakers

Plastic shakers can be particularly prone to retaining odours due to their porous nature. They also can’t always handle the abrasive cleaning agents or boiling water needed for a deep clean, limiting your cleaning options.

Double-wall Insulated Protein Shaker | Roam

The Solution: Roam Protein Shaker

Enter the Roam Stainless Steel Double-Wall Insulated Protein Shaker – a game-changer in tackling these issues.

Its stainless steel construction means it’s non porous and resistant to odours.

Plus, it's sturdy enough to handle hot water and vigorous cleaning, ensuring a deeper clean without the worry of retaining any smells. The detachable parts make it easy to clean every nook and cranny, and it’s dishwasher safe for added convenience.

Our Insulated Protein Shaker doesn't just make cleaning a breeze. It also keeps your shake or smoothie chilled for longer, which is great for those who blend their shake but can't drink it immediately.

By maintaining a cooler temperature, it helps to slow down bacterial growth, ensuring your shake stays fresh and more hygienic than what you might expect from a standard shaker. So when you're finally ready to enjoy your protein boost, it's just as cold and refreshing as when you made it.

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  • Double-wall Insulated Protein Shaker | Roam
  • Double-wall Insulated Protein Shaker | Roam
  • Double-wall Insulated Protein Shaker | Roam
  • Double-wall Insulated Stainless Steel Protein Shaker | Roam
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Double wall Insulated Shaker

Looking for a shaker that will keep your post-workout protein shake cold? We've got you covered with our double-wall insulated vacuum protein shaker. It will keep your protein shake or smoothie cold and ready to cool you down after your workout!

This handy shaker is BPA-free and dishwasher safe, with some great features:

  • Durable - made from double wall insulated stainless steel, this shaker is sturdy and hard-wearing
  • Screw cap nozzle - no messes drinking out of the shaker, no spills, and easy pouring
  • Easy-to-open lid - for sweaty hands
  • Whisk that screws into the lid - forget those metal balls, these whisks mix up your protein perfectly and make for easier cleaning
  • Big volume - 750mL / 25 oz capacity.
  • Internal measurements