Five Ways To Enjoy Energy Nut Butter

We’ll be the first to admit: there are no rules when it comes to using Roam Energy Nut Butter.

Here are 5 quick ways that you can integrate Energy Nut Butter into your routine and adventures!

Energy Nut Butter Snack in Mountains with Mountaineer

1. Pre- or post-workout pick-me-up

Woken up at sparrow’s fart to hit the gym? Eating breakfast can be time-consuming and unappealing. A packet of Roam will do the trick to fill your belly enough that you’re satisfied, but not uncomfortably full.

We love the Espresso for it’s energising aroma and flavour. It’s made with medium-roasted Brazilian coffee beans that have been expertly roasted by our friends at ARK Coffee. (If you’re worried about the caffeine content, the amount is not enough to have a noticeable effect).

2. Snack with a view

The best snacks are scenic ones! Slip a packet of Energy Nut Butter into your backpack on your next hike. It’s a delicious and convenient way to maintain energy levels. Enjoy it straight from the packet for a quick energy boost, or squeeze it on to fruit, wraps, or crackers for a filling pit-stop.

Roam Coconut Nut Butter snack and celery

3. Breakfast: slow or on-the-go

Start your day with a filling and satisfying breakfast by adding Energy Nut Butter to the mix. Spread it on wholegrain toast, squeeze on top of a steaming bowl of porridge, or into a smoothie with a serve of Roam Protein.

4. Afternoon slump saviour

Combat the afternoon energy crash with a quick and healthy snack. It’s tempting to reach for biscuits or fizzy drink when you’re fighting a losing battle with your eye lids.

Pair Energy Nut Butter with a Roam Protein shake for a satisfying afternoon bite that will keep your blood sugar levels low.

Or, chop up some celery or carrot sticks ahead of time, and use a packet of Coconut Energy Nut Butter as a ‘dip’ to add a bit of interest to your veggies.

5. Culinary Creations

Get creative in the kitchen by using Energy Nut Butter in your recipes.

Whisk into salad dressings for a nutty twist, use as a base for energy balls or bars, or even added to sauces to enrich the flavour profile of vegan stir fry dishes or noodles.

We’ve even had one customer tell us she uses Chocolate Energy Nut Butter in her vegan chilli dish!