Using Roam Energy Nut Butter

Using Roam as a Healthy Snack

Enjoy Roam as a healthy snack, instead of a chocolate bar, or on the go. Be creative! We eat Roam straight from the packet with a cup of coffee, or pair it with other foods as part of breakfast or afternoon tea.

You can read more about Roam and Keto or LCHF diets on our FAQ page.  

Using Roam as Exercise Fuel

Roam how you choose. Some ideas:
- On a hike or camping trip;
- During longer training sessions or outdoor activities when it is important to eat different foods;
- During light-to-moderate intensity exercise when you need sustained, slow-release energy;
- As a pre- or post- exercise snack. It feels good in the stomach and contributes to faster recovery after your activity.
Roam is not sports-specific. It doesn’t matter whether you're a surfer, mountain biker, climber or gym bunny.

Using Roam as Race Fuel

You can use Roam during sports events, especially long races where you may want to consume a variety of foods. Roam is lightweight and energy-dense (about 160 Calories per serve) and is perfect for pockets and packs where space and weight are at a premium.

A General Guide for Using Roam during excercise

Nutrition is individual to you and your chosen activity, so take this as a rough guide. You know your body better than we do!

For endurance roamers

Before: 45-60 min before exercise
During: One every 45-60 min, or as desired*
After: Within 60 min of exercise

* based on recommendations of 100-250 Cal of energy intake per hourduring prolonged exercise

For regular roamers

Consume as needed.

See our FAQ page if you have questions about exercising with low-carb foods.