Using Energy nut Butter

It's up to you how to Roam! Below are a few ideas. Our top tip is to knead the packet before opening! In cold conditions the nut butter can harden, so it needs a loving massage to regain it's butter-y-ness.


Energy Nut Butter is made with simple and nutritious ingredients, including dry-roasted almonds and cashew nuts. We grind the nuts together with coconut oil and either dairy-free chocolate, toasted coconut chips, or Brazilian coffee beans (which are roasted and ground by ARK Coffee).

Enjoy Roam Energy Nut Butter as a healthy snack, instead of a chocolate bar, or on the go. Be creative! We eat it straight from the packet with a cup of coffee, or pair it with other foods as part of breakfast or afternoon tea.

You can read more about Roam and Keto or LCHF diets on our FAQ page.  


Roam how you choose. Some ideas:

- On a hike or camping trip;
- During longer training sessions or outdoor activities when it is important to eat different foods;
- During light-to-moderate intensity exercise when you need sustained, slow-release energy;
- As a pre- or post- exercise snack. It feels good in the stomach and contributes to faster recovery after your activity.

Roam is not sports-specific. It doesn’t matter whether you're a surfer, mountain biker, climber or gym bunny.

Exercise Tips

Your nutritional needs during exercise are unique to you and the type of activity you're engaging in. As a general guideline, it's recommended to consume between 100 to 250 calories per hour during prolonged exercise. The types of macronutrients you'll need will depend on the intensity of your workout.

If you're engaging in high-intensity exercise, you might find it beneficial to consume foods that are rich in carbohydrates. However, be mindful that a high volume of carbs during exercise can sometimes lead to gastrointestinal discomfort.

For those participating in low to mid-intensity exercise, or for activities that last a long time (such as ultra-distance training, long hikes, etc.), our Energy Nut Butter is an excellent choice. It's high in both fat and protein, making it a great way to avoid taste fatigue from consuming too many high-sugar foods.

Each packet of our Energy Nut Butter contains approximately 160 calories. It's designed to make you feel satisfied without feeling overly full, making it an ideal way to maintain your energy levels during exercise. This is especially true when paired with other sources of fuel, such as a calorie-containing hydration drink.

If you have any questions about exercising with low-carb foods, please visit our FAQ page for more information.

Race Fuel

You can use Energy Nut Butter during sports events, especially long races where you may want to consume a variety of foods. Roam is lightweight and energy-dense (about 160 Calories per serve) and is perfect for pockets and packs where space and weight are at a premium.