These Terms and Conditions set out our intentions to collaborate in a mutually beneficial and productive way. With time, we hope to build a good rapport with you as an individual!

Roam is a New Zealand company, founded by Raeana Connell and Andrius Ramonas. The idea for Roam came from our desire to create great tasting products made from natural ingredients that could seamlessly fit into the life of active people.

What you can expect from us

Roam product.

  • Let's start off by sending you Roam products to try, then we can take it from there!

Profile building.

  • We’d love to share your stories and adventures if you’re up for it! We can do this on our Roam journal, e-newsletters and/or Roam’s social media platforms.

Respect for your personal brand.

  • We will use our best efforts to run any content by you before posting anything publicly. We care about how we represent you.
  • Note that for content posted by you (and tagged with Roam), we will assume that is fine for re-posting, re-sharing or marketing purposes.

An open door for any of your questions or ideas.

  • Seriously - reach out anytime.

What we expect from you

Showcase Roam products in an authentic and positive way on your social media channels.

  • Show how you use Roam products and integrate it into your daily lifestyle or routine.
  • Tag Roam in relevant content. Our IG/FB and Tiktok handle is @roamenergy.
  • This could be over multiple platforms and types – the ones where you get the most engagement.
  • If you post anything about Roam and we’re not tagged, let us know so we can check it out!

Represent the Roam brand

  • Recommend and promote Roam as appropriate via your social and digital media channels, and in-person.
  • We’re an approachable and friendly brand. Please keep Roam out of anything controversial or political.
  • While we expect that you will use competing sports nutrition brands and products as part of your training and competitions, we prefer to remain separate from these when sharing on social media platforms.
  • Allow us to use content created by you, relating to Roam, for any marketing purposes. 


Other matters

  • By accepting these terms and conditions, you are warranting that you are free to enter into this arrangement, and that it does not conflict with any existing contracts or agreements that you may have.
  • You agree to hold Roam harmless from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, or damages from your personal actions on your own social media pages and/or websites.
  • You agree not to misrepresent the nature of this relationship by stating that you are a(n) “Shareholder”, “Director”, “Owner”, “Founder”, “Partner”, “Employee” or any other term that implies ownership over the brand or management over marketing activity for Roam.
  • You acknowledge that acceptance of these terms and conditions are not valid or binding upon Roam until confirmed in writing by a representative of Roam, and can be revoked at any time, for any reason.
  • You agree to these terms and conditions for the foreseeable future, unless cancelled by both parties. 

Thanks and we look forward to working with you!