Meet Tom Somerville

Over the next few weeks, we're pulling back the curtain to introduce you to the awesome individuals that make up the Roam athlete team.

These aren't just high-performing athletes; they're real-deal individuals balancing rigorous training, demanding jobs, and personal passions. 

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Triathlete, Aeronautical Engineer, and Humourist

Enter Tom Somerville. By day, an aeronautical engineer; by passion, a pro-triathlete. In his spare time, Tom coaches junior triathletes in his home city of Christchurch, where he passes on his knowledge and love for the sport.

Tom clinched 1st place at Oxman Triathlon in December and is gearing up for the Sunshine Coast 70.3 in September.

But there's more to Tom than just his athletic prowess. Check out his personal blog, 'Thomas K. Somerville: Something About Triathlon I Suppose', where you can read his witty race reports, featuring his trusty side-kick Trev (Tom's bike). Whether you're into triathlons or enjoy a chuckle, Tom's triathlon tales are a must-read.

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Getting to know Tom: A Quick Q&A

How did you get into triathlon?
As an injured and mediocre runner at university, I ventured into riding and swimming. I entered a sprint tri for some fun and which led to qualifying for the age group world champs, and I've been hooked ever since.

What's your goal race?
70.3 Sunshine Coast (half Ironman) this September.

One triathlon tip you wish you knew earlier?
The importance of proper fuelling during and post-training. It's a game-changer for performance and recovery.

Your go-to Roam product?
Sipping on some Vanilla Protein Powder on my way to work after a hard swim sets me up well for the day.

Current favourite training or racing song to amp you up?
"Charger" by Gorillaz. But ask me tomorrow, and it might change!

Your top recovery tip?
Rest is golden. Don't feel guilty about taking a day off.

A fun fact about you?
Beyond triathlon and my full-time job as an aeronautical engineer, I coach a junior triathlon program in the summer. And in my spare time, you'll find me in my garage, designing 3D-printed bike components. 

Tom's Tri Tales

If you're training for a triathlon in New Zealand, Tom's race reports are an entertaining and informative read. Check his race reports for:

OxMan Triathlon in North Canterbury

Sea 2 Sky Challenge in Christchurch

Challenge Wanaka

Tauranga Half Ironman

Sunshine Coast 70.3 Half Ironman

  • Tom on the job as an aeronautical engineer

    Tom is an aeronautical engineer by profession, and enjoys designing and 3D printing bike parts in his spare time

  • Triathlete Tom Somerville Cycling During Race

    Tom and his trusty bike, Trev

  • Tom with Roam Energy Nut Butter

    Proper fuelling during and post-training is a top priority for Tom

Tom's Favourite Amp Song

Recover Like Tom

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