The Ultimate List of Savoury Snacks for Hikers

Hiking in New Zealand's breathtaking landscapes is an experience not to be missed. Whether you're planning a day hike or a multi-day trek, it's essential to pack the right food to sustain your energy levels and keep your body happy. 

Snack foods will form an important component of your overall nutrition. You will need more calories than usual, in the range of 200-300 calories per hour when you are walking with a heavy pack.

Shopping for snacks in the lead-up to your hike can feel difficult. Yes, there are options like energy or muesli bars, bliss balls, and trail mix (scroggin). And a lot of them taste good - but after a while they can all feel the same! Finding savoury snacks and protein-rich foods can be more challenging when you are looking for options that are lightweight and pack-friendly.

Below is our list of some snack options to consider that are a little bit different from your usual bars and bliss balls!

The Best Savoury Hiking Snack Roam NZ AU

Energy Nut Butter

We had to mention it, right? In fact, the idea for Energy Nut Butter was born on the trail. We got tired of relying on lollies, gels, and bars for our trail runs, yearning for something that tasted natural and less sweet.

What we love about Energy Nut Butter is its versatility. Eat it straight from the packet, squeeze on to crackers, porridge, or bread, or with an apple or pear.

There are no added sugars, just naturally occurring carbohydrates from almonds, cashews, (and a little bit of sugar coming from the dairy free chocolate in the Chocolate Energy Nut Butter).

The macronutrient composition is quite different to a muesli or nut bar. Energy Nut Butter has up to 3.5g of carbohydrate per serve, where as a bar will usually have over 12 grams – sometimes up to 40 grams. Energy Nut Butter does have more fat, which will help to keep you satisfied and provide slow-release energy too.

Savoury Hiking Snacks Protein Roam

Protein Powder

Another plug for our products? Yes, it does sound a bit odd, bringing protein powder on a hike. But hear us out, it does make sense.

We need a fair amount of protein in our diets, especially when we are active. During a multi-day hike, it’s difficult to meet those protein requirements on freeze-dried meals, tinned tuna, and snacks alone.

Protein powder is lightweight, easy to pack, and versatile. You can mix powder into your morning muesli or porridge – that’s an easy 20+ grams added into your diet.

Or if you have a large water bottle, mix up a protein shake when you arrive to your new hut or campsite each day. A 20 to 40 gram serve of protein after exercise will help aid with muscle repair and recovery – so it’s a great option, especially as you’ll be walking again the next day!

Protein has the added benefit of keeping you feeling full. You’ll be expending more energy than usual, and that can mean more hunger pangs. Having a shake to fill in those gaps is convenient and will do a better job at keeping tummy rumbles away than high-sugar foods.

Our handy 90g pack is perfect for a weekend hiking trip, has a re-sealable zip-lock top, and contains three serves of protein powder.

Top Savoury Hiking Snack Picks

Cheese, Salami and Olives

Mini Brie Wheels

We love the mini brie wheels by Ile de France – they’re delicious, easy to pack and (a common theme here) – versatile.

You can eat them on their own, with a slice of salami, spread on to crackers, or mixed into an evening dish like pasta.

These come in packs of five and will turn the heads of your fellow hikers in envy – trust us.


Salami or jerky is another great savoury option that you can use as a for a snack and in meals. It’ll generally keep well for a few days without refrigeration and provides another source of protein to your diet.

If you've got a group and want to bring something special along - Cured NZ makes delicious salami in Christchurch and delivers nationwide, and Gathered Game produces salami from wild vension from Southland that you can get in handy stick or sliced forms.


It may sound strange, but olives are a great snack food! They’re salty, juicy, and a lot of fancy. You can sometimes find olives vacuum packed in foil. Or, head to the deli at your supermarket, pick a range (you could also add some stuffed peppers in there too) and pack into a leakproof container. The big thing to watch out for is oil or brine leaks.

Coconut Macaroon Roam NZ AU

Coconut Macaroons

These aren’t exactly savoury, but they certainly can be a morish alternative to biscuits or bars. You can usually find these in supermarkets, or you can make your own – there are some great recipes online.

Coconut macaroons can also double as a dessert treat in the evening.

Carrots and Apples

As far as fruit and vegetables go, these two will hold up in your pack the longest, and there isn’t much left-over waste for you to carry out. Pre-cut carrot sticks for day one is a great snack option and apples go great with a packet of Energy Nut Butter!

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