Swim Stronger: Fuelling for your training

Dive into the pool with confidence, knowing your nutrition is on point!

Whether you're a competitive swimmer or just enjoy laps for fitness, what you eat and drink plays a crucial role in your performance and recovery.

This article covers nutrition tips from triathlete (and swimmer) Jayden Kuijpers, who understands the importance of making the most of every stroke.

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Roam |Swimming Nutrition| Tips for Pre Training Nutrition

Find the right balance with pre-training nutrition

Swimming on an empty stomach can lead to an energy dip later on, but a full stomach can be uncomfortable. The key is to find the right balance.

If you're swimming first thing in the morning, a light snack like toast with honey or a banana with Roam Energy Nut Butter can provide the right amount of energy without overloading your stomach.

Hydration is equally important. Have a glass of water (or two) when you wake up.

For afternoon sessions, a well balanced lunch, and even a light snack or protein shake 60 minutes before you session can maintain energy levels without weighing you down.

Roam Swimming Nutrition Tips Hydrate Well

You need to drink too!

Make sure to hydrate before training, and remember that you sweat during your workout, even if you can't see it. Replenishing electrolytes during and after sessions can make a big impact on your overall performance and recovery.

You likely don’t need electrolytes during shorter swim session, but prioritise replenishing them afterwards. The main electrolyte you lose is sodium. You can get this in electrolyte drinks or effervescent tablets. Even a sprinkle of salt in a glass of water or on your post-swim snack can do the trick.

For sessions over 90 minutes

When it comes to longer training sessions that last more than 1.5 hours, managing energy intake becomes crucial. The challenge is to maintain stamina without feeling weighed down. Here's how you could approach it:

Sustained Energy: Products like Roam Energy Nut Butter are designed to provide lasting energy without overloading the stomach. They're perfect for keeping you going without feeling too full.

Quick-Release Energy: Sports drinks rich in carbohydrates can offer immediate energy release. They're beneficial for those moments when you need a quick boost, and they often contain electrolytes to help with hydration. Try not to guzzle too much, too quickly. This could upset your stomach.

For Intense Sessions: If you're facing a particularly long and demanding session, energy gels or chews can be a useful addition. They're designed to be digested quickly and provide a concentrated energy source.

Teenage Swimmers| Nutrition requirements| Roam NZ Australia

Nutrition tips for young swimmers and teens

Under-Fuelling Risk: One of the biggest risks for younger swimmers is under-fuelling for training. Swimming is physically demanding, and eating correctly can make a significant difference, especially if training multiple times per day. Having energy-rich snacks like Energy Nut Butter, fruit, bars, and a drink ready in your child or teen’s sports bag can be a lifesaver, especially when they’re rushing from school to training.

Before Training: Easily accessible options can provide the necessary fuel without overloading the stomach. Consider choices that are quick to digest and energy-dense.

During Training: Depending on the length of the session, access to water or a carbohydrate-rich drink with electrolytes is useful to maintain energy and hydration levels. In most cases, water and light food options are perfectly fine.

After Training: Restoring lost energy and promoting recovery is crucial. For a morning swim, a proper breakfast rich in carbohydrates and protein is essential. If they're pressed for time, a protein shake with a banana or bar can be a good option. The same goes for afternoon swims. Roam Protein is made from 5 simple ingredients, and is suitable for kids and teens.

A Note on Sports Drinks

The term "sports drink" can be confusing. Is it high in sugar, or does it contain electrolytes? And what about energy drinks like Red Bull?

A sports drink contains carbohydrate (usually in the form of sugar) and electrolytes (mainly sodium and potassium). Some can contain other vitamins, minerals and amino acids. These can come in ready-to-drink forms (for example, Powerade) or powder forms. Powders can be a more affordable option. For long and demanding sessions or race days, a sports drink with carbohydrates and electrolytes may be more appropriate.

Younger athletes usually lose less sodium through sweat than adults, so replacing electrolytes isn't as crucial for them. Half an electrolyte tablet (with no added sugar) might be suitable, especially after a swim session.

For long and demanding sessions or race days, a hydration powder with carbohydrates and electrolytes may be more appropriate.

Canned energy drinks (think Mother, Red Bull, V, Monster), are high in caffeine and fizz, are not recommended for young kids and teenagers. Your money is better spent on high-quality fuelling options.

Traithlon Swimmers Racing Roam

Swimming and Triathlon

In a triathlon, the swim stage doesn't usually allow for in-race fuelling, so the bike stage becomes essential. Once you transition to the bike stage, early and consistent fuelling can make a significant difference, especially in longer events like a Half IronMan. Practicing your nutrition strategy during training can help you find what works best for you.

Consider brick training, where you ride immediately after a swim, to simulate race conditions and practice your nutrition strategy. The goal is to make fuelling feel natural, so it enhances your performance on race day.

Swimming is a demanding sport, and proper nutrition can make a big difference in how you feel and perform. From pre-training snacks to hydration and long-session strategies, these tips will help you fuel your body effectively.

Roam Protein and Energy Nut Butter are here to support your energy needs without weighing you down.

Happy swimming!

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