Meet Josie Wilcox

Originally a track and cross country runner, Josie started mountain biking after she finished her studies and running scholarship at the University of Tulsa in the US.

Despite clipping into the MTB pedals later than most, Josie shook up the national XC mountain biking scene, claiming victories at Whaka100 and NZ's XCO (Cross Country Olympic Distance).

Josie with NZ Flag Roam

XC Mountain Biker, Runner, and Radiologist

Since cracking into the MTB scene at age 23, Josie has taken her passion to the trails of New Zealand,  Austria, Japan, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Josie recently added another feather to her cap by winning the female title at Cyclocross Nationals in Christchurch. If you're unfamiliar with cyclocross (CX), imagine a race of laps on a 2.5-3.5km course, filled with obstacles and challenging terrain. You have to be fast in the saddle, but just as quick to dismount your bike and carry it around tricky areas.

But Josie's life isn't all about biking. When she's not on the trail, she's working as a radiographer at a hospital, balancing her love for the outdoors with her medical profession. 

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Josie Racing at Cyclocross Nationals

Getting to know Josie: A Quick Q&A

How did you get into cycling?
I got into cycling quite late in life, after university. Before this, I ran track and cross country on scholarship in the USA. So I certainly had the fitness coming into the sport, but had to develop the skills.

What's your goal race?
My goal race was the Cyclocross National Championship in Christchurch two weekends ago. It was my first nationals race in this discipline and I'm stoked to say I won! Preparing for the event has been a great motivator to get out and train over this cold, wet winter. 

What's one tip you wish you knew when you started training, both as a runner and MTBer?
Go easy on the easy days so you can go hard on the hard days!

I've never struggled with motivation. I'm the person that wants to go ride or run all the time. I love being outdoors and exercise is a form of stress relief after a busy day in the hospital. But if you're on-the-go all the time, juggling other work and life stressors, you cortisol levels get elevated. This just slows your recovery and training adaptations. So, learn to love recovery days!

Your go-to Roam product?
Chocolate Protein! It's great after a hard or long session. Roam Protein is super versatile and I've found it's a great replacement for flour in baking! 

Your favourite amp-song for training or racing?
"Unstoppable" by Sia

Your top recovery tip?
Sleep - it's the best form of recovery, and it's free! As a shift worker, sleep is valuable. It makes a huge difference and is one of the main benefits that full-time athletes have over amateurs. 

A fun fact about you?
I work as a radiographer in Nelson and my work schedule can be wacky: a 16-week rotating roster with graveyard shifts. I don't envy my coach's job slotting my training into day light hours!

Josie's Favourite Amp Song

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Photos of Josie at Cyclocross Nationals by Dominic Blisset from Blissfield Photography.