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Triathlete and Foodie

Currently based in Wellington, New Zealand, Jayden transitioned from competitive cycling to the world of triathlon after discovering the joys of running and swimming.

Jayden recently secured an 8th place finish at the Asia Pacific IronMan Champs in Langkawi, Malaysia, following a 4th place at the NZ National Champs in the half marathon.

But Jayden's interests aren't solely focused on sports. He's also passionate about food and nutrition. Jayden enjoys getting into the kitchen, whether it's whipping up protein pancakes after a hard session or imagining up his own culinary creations.

This love for cooking is also a part of his personal journey with Crohn's disease, leading him to experiment with his diet to find what works best for him.

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Getting to know Jayden: A Quick Q&A

How did you get into triathlon?
I sort of fell into triathlon. I'd always wanted to finish an Ironman, but I never thought I would be compete in them.

I was a competitive cyclist from 2017 to 2020. During the off-season in 2020, I started running and developed a taste for pounding the pavement. 

Sooner or later, I got injured. So I went to my coach at the time for guidance. To help me recover from my injury, he encouraged me to try swimming in his backyard pool. He taught me how to swim then and there, and from that moment I had the three components and was hooked!

One triathlon tip you wish you knew earlier?
It's something I knew starting triathlon, and it's the driving factor for me competing these days, is to have fun and get involved in the communities the sport has to offer.

Do you have a goal race or upcoming event?
To compete at the IronMan World Championship in Taupō, New Zealand, in December 2024. 

Jayden Roam Triathlete Running

Your go-to Roam product?
Can I say two? Vanilla Protein Powder andChocolate Energy Nut Butter. Both are such versatile products in my daily diet. 

Current favourite training or racing song to amp you up?
I'm more into playlists!  During hard sessions, I always tend to go back to a Rock Mix or Remix Hits, and before racing, I tune into my Surf Rock playlist.

Your top recovery tip?
Eat well and sleep well!

A fun fact about you?
I face a significant challenge in my life: Crohn's Disease. While this condition still presents setbacks, I am in deep remission for the first time in 12 years. I attribute this to my active and healthy lifestyle. While Crohn’s Disease will always be a part of my life, it has never deterred me from pursuing my dreams.

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