What does ‘clean’ mean for sports supplements and what should you look for?

Clean protein, a popular term in sports nutrition, has become a marketing buzzword for many protein brands, but how many of them actually test the ingredients in their protein products to ensure that they are truly clean? Unfortunately, the answer may surprise you.

In 2016, life science company LGC conducted a survey analysing 67 popular over-the-counter sports supplements (including pills and other powders such as pre-workout) in Australia. It found that one-in-five tested contained prohibited substances for use in professional sport. [1]

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So, what can you do to ensure that supplements, including protein powder, you're using is actually clean?

One option is to choose a sports nutrition brand that batch tests their products. Even better is to choose a brand that gets their products independently tested by a recognised third party, such as Human and Supplement Testing Australia (HASTA). This means that each batch of protein powder or other supplement is tested for contaminants before it's released to the market. This can give you a higher level of confidence in the cleanliness and quality of your protein powder.

Some ingredients, such as plant extracts (an example being Green Tea Extract) are classified as foods under the Australian and NZ Food Code, but can also have adverse effects on health. Some over the counter and prescription medicines are banned in sport too. You can use the online tool at Global DRO to check whether your supplement is banned in sport.

It is not possible to check the status of supplement products on the Global DRO, which is why it is so important to choose a tested supplement.

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At Roam, we understand the importance of clean sports nutrition, especially when it comes to protein supplements.

That's why Roam Protein is certified by Human and Supplement Testing Australia (HASTA) in Australia and our protein products carry the HASTA Certified label, which you can find on the back of our packets.

This means that our product has been independently tested for over 250 substances that are banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) [2]. We believe that everyone deserves access to clean and safe protein, whether you're an elite athlete or someone who's passionate about health and fitness.

The term 'clean protein' may be a popular marketing phrase, but it's important to ensure that the protein powder you're using is actually clean.

Contaminated protein powders can be dangerous to your health and can even lead to failed drug tests for athletes. Choosing a brand that independently batch tests their products, like Roam, can give you the peace of mind that you're consuming a safer and high-quality product.


[1] 2016 LGC survey

[2] You can find information on HASTA and look up Roam Protein products in their testing register here