Meet Cam Kerr

Cam is the all-round adventurer that you secretly envy. He can run fast, kayak, ski, and can actually use a compass and a map. Plus, he's got a wicked sense of humour and excellent taste in music. 

Getting to know Cam: A Quick Q&A

How did you get into adventure racing, and then trail running?

I got into endurance racing during my first year of university, participating in a couple of Coast to Coast and GodZone events. Initially, it was just for fun and a way to get outdoors. I didn't track my weekly exercise - the only "intervals" I knew were blasting up hills as fast as I could! 

In early 2022 I ran my first ultra running event: The Three Peaks Plus One (55km) in Dunedin. It wasn't my finest day, but I managed a tidy 2nd place in a strong field. 

Since then, I've focused on improving my running performance. I now know what a tempo run is, do actual interval sessions, and I've even been making regular appearances in the weights zone at the gym.

What's your goal race?
I recently returned from Europe where I ran UTMB Mont-Blanc. The course is a leisurely 170km with just 10,000m of vertical gain. The race starts in Chamonix, France, and takes you through Italy and Switzerland, before returning to Chamonix.

One tip you wish you knew when you started training?
It takes time to develop. Keep consistent with your training (without injuring yourself), go hard once a week, and you'll improve over time. There is no short-cutting the process.

Your go-to Roam product?
Chocolate Protein in a smoothie with blueberry and banana.

Current favourite training or racing song to amp you up?
"Cruel" by Dane Rumble is the best worst song ever made.

Your top recovery tip?
Calories. ASAP.

A fun fact about you?
Being fit landed me a gig with Google. Next time you use Google Street View on one of Queenstown's trails, just know that I was the one who walked them all to collect the imagery.

I've run a half marathon in cricket whites and will crush anyone who dares challenge me at a game of 'spot the difference'.

  • Cam Kerr Running Up Mountain at Dusk

    Cam lives, works, and trains in Queenstown.

  • Cam with Head Torch Eating Roam Energy Nut Butter

    Late night trail snacks.

  • Cam Jumping from Rock Roam

    Cam is most at home in the outdoors.

Cam's Favourite Amp Song

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