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I'm reasonably new to protein powders, but as a vegetarian and novice trail runner I now use it daily. I tried so many samples of other protein powders and did not enjoy the taste, but LOVED Roams protein from the first try. The smoothie on the back of the packet is my go to and I highly reccomend it! The team behind ROAM are also just great people. I had issues with my order ( postage company issues not Roam issues) and they were so quick and professional to help out. That kind of service goes a long way in my books!


I couldn’t have asked for a better protein shaker- keeps my drink cool for a long time, mixes everything up beautifully, and is incredibly easy to clean.

This stuff is the bomb!

I wish I had known about this range before I tackled Kokoda earlier this year.
The nut butters are delicious, easy on the digestive system and super lightweight. Gels are sticky and messy and no where near as delicious.
Both flavours of protein powder are so good, it’s hard to choose a favourite!
The texture is smooth and silky with absolutely no grittiness.
Wherever I roam, I’ll be taking my Roam 🥾

Roam Protein!

After searching for a protein supplement that is plant based and doesn't trigger IBS, I was very happy to find Roam that is certified low FODMAP and not full of unnecessary nasty ingredients. Raeana's was lovely and her help was amazing and knowledgeable. Roam's products also smell and taste delicious. I highly recommend Roam! 🙂


I loved this protein powder, add it to my smoothies every morning.

Super handy scoop

Love this scoop - especially the clup makes it so handy! I have it clipped to my roam protein powder packet which makes it so easy to use

Great protein powder

Love this protein powder! Tastes so good by itself mixed with cold water, but also in smoothies!

Delicious protein powder

Such a yummy protein powder, will definitely purchase again! Also love all the free info and resources roam provide through their blog!

Amazing product

I love this product. tastes great and blends well. no gut upsets. Highly recommended

Delicious, accessible protein replacement when I need it the most

As a distance runner, I need a protein source right after I'm done with a workout to make sure that I recover well. Roam checks all the boxes as a protein source that is readily accessible (so I don't need to rummage around trying to find something to cook or prepare), tastes really great (doesn't have that weird chalky taste) and is obviously easy on my gut! Highly recommended.

Roam - a must when hiking

Just love Roam when out in the bush. Such a simple way to get an energy boost. The 3 different flavours are all great but would have to choose Espresso as my favourite!!

Delicious and easy on the stomach

Totally yummy and easy on the stomach when out on a long training run. Also great as an on the go snack! Highly recommend.

Tried on a whim

My mountain biking friend was always busting these out on our rides so thought I’d give them a try myself.
Have tried other brand peanut butter ones but always found them really dry and unpalatable.
These are a game changer with the delicious coconut flavour and really smooth texture. Easy to carry and consume with no mess!
These are my new go-to for easy sporting nutrition on the go!

Super tasty as a shake or added to a smoothie

A great way to get that necessary protein when recovering and exercising after my hip replacement surgery and training for the Motatapu bike race.

Doesn't upset my stomach

Good taste and sits well in my stomach (low FODMAP diet)

Fantastic Protein Shaker

This has been a fantastic protein shaker, seals well, screw lid doesn’t leak and chug cap perfect for what I wanted post workout

Roam on!

The boost I need (and knead) on a long run, tastes great, goes down a treat, the perfect boost!

Great quality for a cheaper than market price

Very happy with my flask, even better that it's half the price of some alternatives.

I have been very satisfied with all the products I have purchased with roam. So far I have purchased the protein powder, nut butters, shaker and spoon. Everything has been of the highest quality.

Great Nut Butters

I bought these after getting a free sample with a drink bottle and instantly loved it. They taste so much better than sports gels, have more calories and sit better in my stomach. Don’t know why these aren’t more popular!

Absolutely the best !!

I recently ran a multistage ultramarathon in Namibia, 250km over 6 days. WE had to carry everything except water so maximum nutritional value with the lowest weight. I had a Roam nut butter in the middle stage of every day and it was the key to keeping my energy levels consistent and stable. Easy to digest and taste is delicious. I also added the protein powder to my morning porridge. Set for the day.
With another event coming up shortly it will be the first thing I pack.

Love it!

Great bottle, so much better than the plastic alternatives and easy to clean.

Perfect size and great quality!

These are great!

Such a welcome addition to an adventure racing kit.

High quality protein and shaker

High quality protein powder that tastes great and is easy to digest.

I absolutely love the shaker, too. It is durable, has internal measurements and is so much more quiet than traditional shaker bottles!